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Islamabad Anti Narcotics Force ANF (Urdu Times): ANF & Other Security Forces Encounter Hostile Resistance During Poppy Elimination Operation



Anti Narcotics Force ANF

ANF & Other Security Forces Encounter Hostile Resistance During Poppy Elimination Operation

Date, 10th May 2024,

ANF in collaboration with Government of Balochistan and FC (North) is undertaking poppy elimination campaign in Balochistan. Poppy crop has been eliminated in District Loralai, Dukki & Quetta Division. The campaign started on 25th March 2024 in District Loralai & Dukki. From 28th April 2024 campaign moved to District chaman & Qila Abdullah of Quetta Division. Administrative & security coordinated with Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) & Civil Administration.

On 6th May 2024, while the Poppy eradication party comprising members of Security Forces (SFs) and LEAs including ANF, Army, FC North, Police, Bln Levies and Excise Taxation and Narcotics Control (ET&NC) Dept were moving back from Khurgai, Tehsil Gulistan after clearing Poppy Crop, the force stopped by an angry mob at approximately 5 km short of Gulistan. As the negotiations with the leaders was in process, suddenly the mob started pelting stones and chanting slogans against the SF, however, the situation was tactfully handled and the force resumed its move towards Gulistan.

Once the forces reached Gulistan Karez, it was ambushed by armed tribesmen with, Light Machine Guns (LMGs) and Rocket Launchers (RLs). The convoy came under heavy fire from adjacent heights due to which 6 x Security Forces personnel got injured who were shifted to CMH Hospital Quetta for a treatment.

It’s important to emphasize that poppy cultivation, as per the CNS Act 1997, is a criminal offense. Despite facing challenging weather conditions, the forces demonstrated exceptional courage and determination, ventured into far-flung areas to execute the operations like the Poppy Elimination Campaign.

Despite the risks posed by hostile incident, ANF & other forces remain steadfast in their commitment to upholding law and order and eliminating such large-scale cultivation which cannot be overstated, as it disrupts the supply chain of illegal narcotics. We extend our thoughts and prayers to the injured officials and reaffirm our determination to continue our efforts in creating a drug-free environment.

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